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Although The Marketing Mill was founded in 2020, our marketing roots go back to 2009, long before the coronavirus pandemic spurred us into existence.

Our agency started The Marketing Mill because we had no choice.

In 2019, before the coronavirus changed travel forever, we had a highly successful tourism marketing agency. Having worked with many clients from around the globe.

We grew with our clients, establishing a strong team of 25 creators with sites ranking in the finance, wine, outdoors, software, health, cannabis, and law niches.

Then the virus hit. Evaporating almost all of our travel marketing income.

We decided to solidify our scope and create an agency that offers services in a much wider range of niches, with the same core principles.

An agency that brings results and provides incredible value for money, as well as superior service.

An extended arm of you and your team, with creators, strategists, and managers working together to turn your raw ideas into tangible strategies, content, and results.

The Marketing Mill.

Over the years, we’ve created, perfected, and refined specific online marketing products, grown an amazing team, worked with some of the web’s fastest-growing sites, and brought some impressive ROI.

Now we’re here to help you grow.

Our Team

Our small team is filled with SEOs, strategists, writers, designers, developers, and bloggers. Collectively, we have a broad and varied range of experience and talents. And we’re here to help you find success
Matt has over 10 years of marketing experience under his belt and a passion for helping others grow. SEO is his first love, with entrepreneurship following closely behind. When he’s not strategizing with the team or tinkering on sites until the early morning, you’ll usually find him in his garden, walking Rusty, or looking up plane tickets to visit another country.

Matt Davison

Head Strategist

Tyla has a passion for SEO and optimizing sites to rank in Google. When she's not coming up with killer strategies, you'll find her on an adventure. She is a juxtaposition of quiet introvert and thrill seeker, spending her time skydiving, climbing mountains or with her nose in a book.


Lead SEO Strategist

Panashe is a tech lover. From graphic design to web creation, he uses his imaginative mind to bring beautiful designs to life. During his spare time, you will find him playing soccer and video games or trying to gain some muscles in the gym.


Lead Developer

Always excited by new opportunities, Tammi is our treasured managing editor and the longest-standing member of our team. After starting her career in eLearning development, she realized that content marketing was her one true love. Tammi is a coffee connoisseur and spends most of her free time working on passion projects. That is when she’s not busy collecting quirky notebooks and pens or adding books to her TBR list.


Managing Editor

No one offers a better morning greeting than our loveable office furball. The team was asked to vote for new additions to our office, and an office dog won hands down. Beating typically cool agency items like coffee machines, table tennis, and beanbags. Rusty has since adopted said bean bags as his own. And if he’s not kicking back on one of them, he’s usually begging for a beach walk or hiding from intruders.


Support Assistant / Security


SEO Content Strategist


Junior SEO Content Strategist


Junior SEO Content Strategist


With a love for plants and animals that are second to none, the chances that you will find Muriel in her garden, a plant shop, at the Two Oceans Aquarium, or requesting to meet a random person's pet on the beach is quite high. When she is not working, Muriel loves to garden, travel, read, eat ice cream on the beach while taking her dogs for a walk, and pester her husband to allow her to buy more plants and adopt more pets.


Accounts Administrator


Personal Assistant










Matt R














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