Cannabis Website SEO Case Study

Graph showing the performance of a cannabis related site


In response to South Africa’s growing interest in cannabis products, we created this site as an informational resource.We also created another site with a more specialized focus on CBD oil.


To establish a useful informational resource for those who are interested in cannabis products.  A site that ranks well for cannabis related keywords, and builds strong authority in the niche.


The site now ranks competitively in the top 5 for many cannabis related keywords and has become one of the country’s most trusted resources on the topic.


December 2018 – August 2019

Services and Skills used

Keyword Research

We analyse the website's keywords and see where its biggest opportunities lie

Link Check

We check the links and strength of the domain and decide how the link profile can be improved

Structure Audit

We analyze the website structure to make sure it's correct and helping SEO efforts

Performance Check

We evaluate the site's performance and establish ways in which it could be improved

Speed Anaysis

We check site speed and establish which optimizations need to be made in order to improve it

Targeting Anaysis

We check the targeting of the site's content, keywords, links, and strategy and provide insights and advice

Error Check

Our checks pick up any critical errors on the site that hinder its performance

Idea and Strategy

We generate ideas and insights, and brainstorm strategy

Campaign Results

Organic Users in First 8 Months

In the 8 months following its launch, the site attracted 34,552 users


Page Views in First 8 Months

In the first 6 months after its launch, the site generated 107,894 page views

Users in a Single Day

The site saw almost 800 users per day toward the end of the first 8 month period 

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