Flight Website Link Disavow and Earning Case Study


DomesticFlights-SouthAfrica.co.za has been one of Africa’s largest affiliate sites since 2012. But in late 2017, they found that their site had plateaued and was losing traffic. They needed SEO assistance, so they reached out to us and we took them on as a client.


Take an established website that was doing ok and improve its SEO performance through managing links – both earning new ones and disavowing spammy ones.


Organic traffic increased incrementally each month and the site had achieved 141.97% YoY growth 12 months later.


January 2018 – December 2018

Services and Skills used

Keyword Research

We analyse the website's keywords and see where its biggest opportunities lie

Link Check

We check the links and strength of the domain and decide how the link profile can be improved

Structure Audit

We analyze the website structure to make sure it's correct and helping SEO efforts

Performance Check

We evaluate the site's performance and establish ways in which it could be improved

Speed Anaysis

We check site speed and establish which optimizations need to be made in order to improve it

Targeting Anaysis

We check the targeting of the site's content, keywords, links, and strategy and provide insights and advice

Error Check

Our checks pick up any critical errors on the site that hinder its performance

Idea and Strategy

We generate ideas and insights, and brainstorm strategy

Campaign Results

YoY Increase in Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic increased by 141.97% from 162,267 to 392,636

YoY Increase in Organic Sessions

Organic Traffic Sessions increased by 154.88% from 202,260 to 515,518

Increase in Organic Users

New Oganic Users increased by 140.60% from 159,670 to 384,161

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