15+ Page Website Build

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●      Design call

○      Chat for 1 hour

●      Design previews

○      Receive 10 design previews

●      Market research & analysis

○      We will consult our market research and analysis when creating the design, functionality, and user experience of your website

●      Homepage styling

○      We’ll style your website to suit your taste

●      Custom favicon

○      In order to make your website look professional, we will create a custom favicon

●      Website wireframe

○      This allows you to see how your website will look before we start building it

●      Icon customization

○      We will create custom icons to match your brand

●      Font Selection

○      Enjoy custom font selection

●      The latest version of WordPress

○      We install the latest version of WordPress on your new site

●      Premium WordPress theme

○      We will install a premium WordPress theme that is optimized for SEO performance

●      Google Search Console and Google Analytics integration

○      Your site will come pre-connected to your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts

●      Social media integration

○      We’ll integrate your social accounts

●      Optimized robots.txt file

○      Your site will come with a tailor-made, SEO-optimized robots.txt file

●      Sitemap creation

○      We will create an XML sitemap for your website

●      Email Marketing Software integration

○      We’ll integrate your email marketing software, such as Mailchimp and MailerLiteTurn to help turn visitors into daily readers

●      Email accounts

○      You’ll get 5 professional business emails to use with your website

●      Menu creation and navigation

○      We will create your menus and navigation to meet your requirements

●      Blog creation

○      Your site will come with a blog page where you can publish articles

●      Keyword research for SEO

○      We will use our tried and tested keyword research techniques to find the best keywords for your new site

●      Image optimization, editing, and resizing

○      We will ensure your images are optimized for quick loading speeds

●      SSL certificate installation

○      We will install an SSL certificate (Cloudflare) to keep your site secure

●      Hosting and DNS configuration

○      We will take care of your hosting and DNS

●      Form creation

○      We will create a custom order or contact form for you

●      Sitemap Submission

○      We will submit your sitemap to Google so that your site will appear in search results pages

●      Custom homepage design

○      We will create a custom, functional home page to suit your taste

●      Featured slider

○      Your site will come with a featured slider to grab audience attention

●      Testimonial feature

○      Add credibility to your website with a testimonials feature

●      Social media sharing options

○      We’ll set up sharing options so visitors can easily share your content

●      Installation of site speed optimization plugins

○      We will optimize your website according to Google’s PageSpeed insights

●      Mobile optimization (responsive)

○      We’ll make sure that your website looks great on any device

●      Site security, firewall, & plugin installations

○      We’ll take the necessary steps to protect your site from force attacks, malware, and hacking attempts

●      Site backup

○      A backup system will be implemented for easy retrieval of data

●      Content writing

○   One of our expert writers will craft 5,000 words of SEO-researched content for your site


  • Full Website


    We’re going to help you design an SEO-optimized website that not only looks great on mobile and desktop but performs well too. A stunning website will help you attract new customers, allow you to target specific niches and audiences, generate new leads and sales, and above all, stand out from your competitors.

    Each project is led by an enthusiastic manager who will assemble a wonderful team of authors, graphic designers, and web designers to make sure the project is a success.

    We will perform market research and analysis, to ensure we build the best design and user interface for your website.

    This package is perfect for a big site, up to 15+ pages

    Optimized WordPress site
    Homepage Styling
    Content Writing (5000 words)
    Professional email accounts

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15+ Page Website Build
15+ Page Website Build


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