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Before deciding on anything, internet users scour the web for the perfect products, best prices and every other little detail they need to know. If you’re not ranking on the first page of Google, you’re probably missing out on thousands of new eyeballs every day.

So why do you need us?

In order to grow your website, you need SEO. But it takes time, knowledge and skills that you might not have. Luckily we do.

We eat, sleep and breathe SEO. We’ve got the expertise, time and team needed to take your site to number one.

Struggling to Find the Right Monthly SEO Services?

Great SEO brings in customers, sign-ups, inquiries and users while you focus on what matters. Getting to the top of Search Engines is what we are great at, so let us help you!


Get excellent SEO by WordPress marketing professionals and strategists. Our team of experienced content writers, SEO experts and knowledgeable project managers will help your website get the recognition it deserves.

We Create High Quality, Cost-Effective Marketing with a Quick Turnaround

When it comes to website marketing ideas, investing in SEO is one of the best ways to ensure longevity and exposure to new audiences passively. Ranking for your target keywords has never been so easy.  


All you need to do is place your order and then we’ll work our magic.

Quality Content and Services Tailored for Marketing Content and Websites

Looking for a professional and experienced website marketing company? We create result-driven content and work with websites that deserve to be on the first page of Google.

We figure out what your potential customers are searching for and make sure they find your website before your competitors.

Why Choose The Marketing Mill?

Our SEO savvy team can take care of all your SEO needs. Whether you’re looking to grow a lifestyle blog, e-commerce store, or any other online content, our talented team has got you covered.

When you choose to work with us, you’ll have a specialised selection of people working on your site.

Account Manager & Project Manager

The captain of our ship, our account manager, will be your first point of contact. Once you place your order, we’ll get to know the ins and outs of your website, your writing style, your SEO and everything we can do to help you get to where you want to be.



Then we’ll organise a dedicated project manager from our experienced team to head up your monthly orders. They’ll make sure you get exactly what you ordered, keep the writers informed and most importantly, treat your site with the same care and commitment as if it were their own.

Content Writers & Editors

Our writers are wordsmiths of note. They mould themselves to your tone and write for both humans and SEO. Not only will your page rank improve, but your readers will leave your site feeling satisfied.


Getting quality content written for your site has never been easier. All you have to do is order with us, and we’ll take care of everything for you. Plus our eagle-eyed editors minimise any mistakes.


Got old or outdated content? We love turning content into something useful again and helping Google find this great content.

Link Builder

SEO is a lot more than just using the right phrases. For search engines to recognize your domain, you need links and exposure. Our link builders know all the best places to get quality links for your website and get more awareness of your brand.

SEO Strategist

SEO strategy is one of the main aspects of our specialized digital marketing agency. It’s what our founder lives for and he’s instilled a similar love and passion in the rest of the team. There’s nothing our SEO specialists love more than a deep dive into your website.


We figure out exactly what your searchers are looking for and how to tailor your site in order to give it to them!


And not only do we create impressive new content, but our SEO strategists know how to optimize or upgrade your existing content to reach the masses. If you’ve ever wondered why your quality content isn’t bringing in the desired traffic, our team will find out for you and make sure it starts.

What We Do

We have a skilled team of professionals working all around the world. Each of us have specialized skills that come together to create a marketing agency that can do almost everything.

Market Research

We do our research and know the in’s and out’s of Google

Online Strategy

We believe in strategy for long term results

Website Planning

We know how to plan, build, and strategize for websites

Build Digital Assets

We make amazing online properties


We work with the best in the industry

Create Content

We create content that ranks and gets millions of views

Increase Sales

We improve online sales for your website

Generate Leads

We generate high-quality leads

Our Monthly Retainer Packages

Depending on your business, we offer different SEO services on a monthly retainer basis. Each month our team of SEO experts will take care of all your online marketing needs while you sit back and marvel at the results.

Rather than hiring someone internally for a lot more money and a lot less experience, choose us. Avoid the risk and make sure you get a good ROI (return on investment).


Conveniently outsource your digital marketing and SEO needs to a trusted professional and dedicated team. From our top quality account manager to individual project managers and creative content writers, our team can really do it all.


Managing all the different aspects of SEO can be tricky, as one person handling it all means not everything gets the attention it deserves. As SEO experts we know that one person can’t be good at everything (although our interns certainly try). Each member of our team plays to their strengths, ensuring quality, quantity and efficiency.



When you order content with us, you don’t just get the content. You get the dedication and passion of our entire team (and all our contacts).


As seasoned site owners and writers, we at The Marketing Mill know better than anyone that sometimes if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. But in our case, we make sure that we do it just as well if not better (and faster).

With our WordPress maintenance contract packages, you don’t just get the expertise of one SEO expert, you get the knowledge of at least four different professionals working on your site. Our digital marketing team has decades of experience and the SEO rank to prove it.


But don’t just take our word for it, scroll down to read reviews from some of our top clients!

Option 1: Budget Monthly Retainer

For sites that don’t need instant results, our budget package is an affordable option that works well for small sites and businesses. If you’re looking for SEO help and a sound content strategy, this is the option for you.

The web maintenance retainer package includes the following:

  • Website SEO Content (Bi-annual topic mine, keywords research, images and writing) 1500 words

  • Small Content Optimization (1 x Content Upgrade OR 2 x Content Optimizations)

  • Small Link Package (1 to 3 Links and PR Placements)

  • SEO Optimization (Metadata, link monitoring, URLs, on-page, robots txt and sitemap) 1 hour

  • Reporting, Analytics, and Consulting (Keyword tracking for 50 keywords, campaign reporting, traffic reports) 30 mins
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    Option 2: Standard Monthly Retainer

    This package focuses on monthly campaigns rather than quarterly campaigns and allows for slightly faster progression than our budget package. It’s great for medium-sized sites and companies who need SEO experts to fine-tune their content and site to rank on search engines.

    This SEO marketing package includes the following:

  • Website SEO Content (Bi-annual topic mine, phrases and keywords research, images and writing) 3000 words

  • Medium Content Optimization (2 x Content Upgrade OR 4 x Content Optimization)

  • Medium Link Package (3 to 7 links and PR placements)

  • SEO Optimization (Metadata, link monitoring, URLs, on-page, robots txt and sitemap) 2 hours

  • Reporting, Analytics, and Consulting (Campaign optimization, strategy, reports, and monthly meeting) 2 hours
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    Option 3: Premium Monthly Retainer

    For serious sites looking to reach as many people as possible, our premium monthly retainer contract is the best option. This option is perfect if you’re looking to get traction fast and have multiple campaigns to manage each month.

    Our premium monthly WordPress contract includes:

  • Website SEO Content (Quarterly topic mine, phrases and keyword research, images and writing) 5000 words

  • Content Optimization (Blog/pages optimizations or upgrades) 10 Posts/Pages

  • Link Budget (Directories, guest posts, submissions, advertorials and press releases) 5 - 10 links

  • SEO Optimization (Metadata, uploading, link monitoring, URLs, on-page, robots txt and sitemap) 3 hours

  • Reporting, Analytics, and Consulting (Campaign optimization, strategy, reports, and monthly meeting) 2,5 hours
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    Our SEO Marketing Specialities

    Reaching the top of Google or Bing requires more than just one thing. Luckily for you, we know them all and we’re experts at all of them. Investing in just one ranking factor when it comes to SEO can sometimes work out well if you’re lucky, but we prefer to diversify our SEO strategy. 


    We know all the different ranking factors that search engines are looking for and have made it our sole mission to be experts in every field. 


    Conquering all these SEO strategies is a mammoth task for one person, especially if you’re also worrying about making sales, running a site and still having time for sleep. The fact of the matter is, good SEO needs, at the very least, one dedicated person (probably with an unhealthy caffeine addiction). 

    An SEO team of two or more people is quite honestly the best way to handle website SEO. Hiring and training a team can be expensive (just ask our founder) and doesn’t often yield results. It’s far more convenient, affordable and beneficial to hire a team who already know what they’re doing. And trust us, we know what we’re doing.

    Content Writing

    Get content that ranks and brings in traffic

    Link Earning

    Let us do the work to get your name out there & connect you to the right websites

    Audits & Strategy

    Know what to work on and get an SEO strategy

    Content Strategies

    Strategies made with data and years of experience across hundreds of sites

    Content Optimisations

    Content needs to be optimized yearly, we use your data and our industry insights to get your pages to rank and convert

    Digital Consulting

    Get your questions answered, get insights on what's working in the industry and get expert advice

    Content Upgrade

    We can bulk up and optimize your posts, to improve user experience and SEO performance

    Social Media

    Whether you’re interested in sponsored content, brand awareness, or a combination of both, we can help you!

    Web Design & Development

    We craft beautiful, SEO-friendly websites, tailored to your brand and needs

    We’ve thrown around the words affordable, convenient, and beneficial on this page but let us prove to you that we’re honest too!

    Order your website SEO services now.

    How Much Does it all Cost?

    When it comes down to hiring SEO maintenance specialists, your bank account often makes the decisions. Below you will find our monthly retainer fee and exactly what reaching page one of Google will cost you.

    Budget SEO
    Monthly Retainer

    $ 499 a month
    • Website SEO Content
    • Small Content Optimisation
    • Small Link Package
    • SEO Optimisation
    • Reporting, Analytics and Consultation
    Save 10%

    Standard SEO
    Monthly Retainer

    $ 1499 a month
    • Website SEO Content
    • Medium Content Optimisation
    • Medium Link Package
    • SEO Optimisation
    • Reporting, Analytics and Consultation
    Save 10%

    Premium SEO
    Monthly Retainer

    $ 4999 a month
    • Website SEO Content
    • Large Content Optimisation
    • Large Link Budget
    • SEO Optimisation
    • Reporting, Analytics and Consultation
    Save 10%

    Custom Orders

    We understand that each of our clients has a different set of needs, so we also provide custom orders. If you want to arrange a tailored campaign or you need some advice, fill in the form and we will happily help you however we can.

    What our clients say

    Frequently Asked

    Here are a few of the most common questions we get asked about our digital SEO packages. If you have any further queries, feel free to contact us through the form above or via email.

    If you want to cancel your monthly retainer, all you need to do is send an email to info@themarketingmill.com at least 30 days before your desired time of cancellation. Unfortunately, we cannot process cancellation requests for the current month.

    You can pay for your online orders with Paypal. We also accept bank transfers for custom orders.

    Surfer SEO is a data-driven tool that we use in some of our SEO processes. It analyses your competitors in the SERPs with the aim of understanding which characteristics Google is favoring for your target keyword.


    This helps us to make data-driven decisions on what to include in your post and how to optimize it for the best chance of ranking.

    Good Question. No. Some posts need 2000 words to rank, some 5000 and others just 1000. We try to maximise return on investment, so post lengths will vary.

    Happily! You’ll get a complimentary topic mine every 3 months which will give you ideas of what to write about. These topic mines look at what your customers are searching for as well as the best ranking posts on the internet which suit your site and its focus.

    All of our content writers are native English speakers and they all have a passion for SEO. That means we are able to create high-quality travel content highly SEO optimised by professionals.

    Our team can upload your content each month for a small additional fee. All you need to do is select the content upload option when you place your order. The additional cost will be automatically added to your order total. 

    Yes you can make changes and edits and we will amend the content accordingly. Each package has a certain limit of amendments.

    Your content, images, and keywords are placed in a shareable Google Drive folder, and we send the link for you to access and download it. We can also upload straight to WordPress for you.

    If you have products that you would like reviewed specifically, please email us with a list that includes the product and a link to the product. Otherwise, we’ll include links to your affiliates or partners, so that you can monetize every post.

    Yes and no. Even on our own sites, we optimize content regularly. It’s an important part of SEO. So, once your posts are ranking we would encourage you to look at the data and optimize some of them accordingly. We can do this too.

    Your content will be delivered to you in full by the end of the month. But we do try and give you a steady flow of content throughout the month.

    Just send an email to your account manager and we’ll cancel it for you. Otherwise you can cancel it in your Paypal subscriptions. 

    Once a month you’ll have a call with one of our SEO experts to discuss the strategy of your site and decide which content needs to be optimized.

    We generally audit your top 3 competitors and then start seeing what links they have and you don’t. Then we start acquiring these links. We also use our network of publishers and bloggers to get your great high power and relevant links on websites with traffic. Lastly, we build a collection of profile, submission, and forum links on high powered websites

    SEO optimization is not like content optimization. It involves more technical SEO work like fixing your sitemaps, robots files, structure, URLs, titles and meta descriptions. This also involves our research into creating SEO strategies.

    This is where we go through a report for the analytics and KPI’s of your website. We discuss the things that were done previously and what effect they may have had. We also discuss current and future strategies that you or we would like to pursue. We’ll also answer any questions you may have and help you with any issues or strategies you want to roll out.

    Each package comes with a specific amount of words that will be written each month. These can be used in any way you wish. For example the budget package has 3000 words per month, you can choose to have a longer post of 3000 words written, two posts of 1500 words each or even three 1000 word posts. This is completely up to you and what will work best for your site.

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